Transantarctic Expedition – Week One

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who have been following her Tweets and Phlogs will know, Felicity Aston finally made it to her starting position, the Ross Ice Shelf, last Friday after weeks of weather-related delays. She spent her first day skiing under clear blue skies while admiring snow-capped mountains in the distance. Although the good weather continued into the next day, Tuesday saw things take a turn for the worse as Felicity began the upward trek on the Leverett Glacier with extremely strong winds affecting her sleep at night and travel speed during the day. A few good days let her gain more ground towards the end of her first full week (approx 20km per day) but bad weather towards the end of the weekend has left her behind schedule. The frustration of not gaining as much ground as she would have liked was evident, but this week Felicity hopes the weather will let her get a lot closer to her next major milestone – the South Pole!