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Meet Felicity Aston

Felicity Aston is a 33 year old explorer from Kent in south-east England embarking on a 1700km, 70-day ski in order to become the first woman in the world to cross Antarctica alone. By completing the journey Felicity will also be the first British woman to traverse Antarctica.

However, this journey is about more than records. The expedition aims to instil a spirit of adventure, aspiration and innovation as well as understand more about what motivates individuals to achieve. Follow Felicity's journey on Facebook and Twitter to share every step of the adventure.

Felicity Aston

Expedition Blog

Felicity Reaches Hercules Inlet – Video

Check out the latest expedition video, which shows Felicity arriving at Hercules Inlet – and the end of her long journey. Felicity skied a total of 1744km over 59 days. She shot the video herself and the significance of the moment is apparent as her emotions take over.

Banner of Support for Felicity

When the plane finally landed on the 23rd of January to take Felicity back to civilisation, she was greeted by this banner, featuring the faces of her fans! A Facebook competition, run on the Kaspersky Lab Facebook page, invited users to enter for the chance to feature on the banner – and be amongst the first faces Felicity would see after 60 days of solitude.

Following a few days’ rest at Hilleberg, Felicity returned to Chile to enjoy the heat of the sun, hot showers and a comfy bed before she arrived in the UK today, 31st January.

Felicity Aston


Transantarctic Expedition Week 8

Congratulations to Felicity and her team!  She has now officially become the first woman to traverse the Antarctic alone. After 1744km and 59 days, she has reached Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice Shelf and completed her journey. Due to bad weather, she will be spending a final night alone on the ice before a plane takes her back to civilisation tomorrow Рand the promise of red wine and hot shower!