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Felicity is a 33-year old explorer from Kent in south-east England. For the last decade she has been planning and leading expeditions to the coldest regions of the planet including the first British women’s crossing of Greenland, a 700km winter crossing of Lake Baikal in Siberia and an adventurous expedition in Iceland for young people with a brain injury. She was also part of the first, ever, all-female team to complete the Polar Challenge, a 360-mile endurance race to the magnetic north pole.

In 2009 she organised and led the Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition in which 8 women from Brunei Darussalam, Cyprus, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Singapore, New Zealand and the UK skied 911km to the South Pole in 38-days. Felicity was responsible for selecting and training this diverse, multicultural team of ‘ordinary’ women (some of whom had never seen snow before) who had been selected from over 800 applicants.

Felicity returns to Antarctica at the end of 2011, setting out alone on her first major solo expedition.

‘Not having a team around me for support and motivation is really daunting but at the same time there is something wonderfully simplistic about being alone. I’ve spent years learning more about what makes a good team and a good leader but this trip is all about understanding what it is that keeps people going when things are tough; where does that motivation and drive come from?’

You can find more information about Felicity and her previous expeditions on her website at www.felicityaston.com

‘Call of the White: Taking the world to the South Pole’ is Felicity’s account of leading and organising the 2009 Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.

Call of the White


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