About Equipment

What will Felicity be wearing?

Montane Extreme Salopettes

The pile lining of these windproof pertex Salopettes provide vital insulation against the bitter Antarctic wind that blows outward from the South Pole. Felicity will be walking into this headwind for the first half of her journey but these salopettes will protect her from cold-injury.

Mountain Equipment Kongur Jacket

The longest of Mountain Equipment’s jackets, the Kongur will provide shelter for Felicity’s bum and thighs from the relentless Antarctic wind. Lightweight, breathable and with plenty of ventilation zips, the Kongur will allow Felicity to regulate her temperature when she is working hard.

Mountain Equipment Annapurna Down Jacket

Nicknamed the ‘happy jacket’ by Felicity, the Annapurna provides instant warmth as soon as it is put on. Every time Felicity stops, even if only for a short break, she will put on the Annapurna to conserve the body heat that is generated while she is skiing.

Montane Bionic Long Sleeve Zip Neck

These are Felicity’s ‘thermals’ that she wears next to her skin. They are made from SPORTWOOL™, a mix of Merino wool and polyester designed to keep her both warm and dry.  Felicity never takes off her thermals, skiing and sleeping in them; and she only has one set. It sounds a lot worse than it is – honest!

Montane Jaguar Jacket

The mid-layer that Felicity has to wear over her thermals and under her windproof jacket on cold days is the Jaguar – but it is a lot more than just warm, it is also wind resistant, water repellent and breathable.

Mountain Equipment Redline Mitt

Women are physiologically more prone to cold extremities and Felicity is no exception. A decade of travel in the Polar Regions means that her hands are very susceptible to the cold so she must take very good care of them. The Redline Mitt has an inner pile liner that can be used on its own and a down outer that can be worn over the top on really cold days.

Bloc Venom, Mars and Phoenix Goggles

One of the biggest sources of frustration on a polar expedition is warm air from exhaled breath fogging goggles, causing ice to form on the inside. The ice is difficult to remove and it makes it impossible to navigate properly. Bloc have provided Felicity with three of their latest goggle designs with special features to reduce fogging and icing.

Cold Avenger

A unique bit of kit that not only protects Felicity’s face from the wind but also helps to prevent her goggles fogging by channelling warm air away from her face – ingenious!


What equipment will Felicity be using ??

Hilleberg Nammatj 2 GT

Hilleberg tents are a favourite of the expedition world because not only are they lightweight and incredibly strong but they are also well thought-out in design so that they are quick and easy to put up and comfortable to live in. Space is important when a tent is your home for months! In order to add extra strength to the already robust tent, Hilleberg have provided ‘double-poles’.

Two customised Snowsled Ice Blu sledges

Felicity has decided to use two sledges, connected one behind the other, so that there can be complete separation between the fuel she carries and her rations. Having had bad experiences with fuel leaks contaminating food in the past, she doesn’t want to take any chances.


On any polar expedition the sound of a roaring stove is one of the best noises in the world! The MSR XGK EX is ultra-reliable with very few working parts that can go wrong. This is really important when the stove Felicity carries is literally her lifeline – not just for heat but also for melting snow to make water. Without a working stove, the expedition is over.

Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone

The Iridium Extreme 9575 is a brand new design of satellite phone handset and features a GPS facility as well as an integrated SOS beacon. Iridium are the only mobile communications network that provides coverage in Antarctica. Felicity’s Iridium will not only allow her to make vital safety calls but will also enable her to text and Twitter throughout her journey using airtime provided by AST-UK. The Iridium has a battery pack that Felicity will recharge every evening using a portable solar panel. Thanks to 24-hour sunlight in Antarctica, the phone will recharge as she sleeps.

Yellowbrick Tracking Personal Locator Beacon

Yellowbricks are tracking beacons that work anywhere on Earth using the Iridium satellite network, and are programmed to send back a position at regular intervals. They are self-contained with their own internal batteries and antennae. Felicity will carry a yellowbrick in her sledge which will automatically transmit her position at 8 hour intervals. This data is then uploaded onto a map to create a track of her route.

Asnes Amundsen skis with Rottefjella Super Telemark bindings and half-length skins

These skis are longer and thinner than standard downhill skis and are fitted with ‘free-heel’ bindings that attach only the toe of the boot to the ski. This means that Felicity can literally ‘walk’ on her skis in a way that is comfortable and efficient for cross-country skiing over long distances. Skins are fabric strips attached to the underside of the skis that provide extra grip on the snow without eliminating forward glide.

Alpha Modre Pro Ski Boots

Based on a traditional Norwegian design these canvas and leather boots have a felt inner bootie with a thermal fleece liner ‘sock’.

Pilotur.dk watch

Specially made for the Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition in 2009, Felicity’s watch was designed to operate at temperatures down to -40C and withstand the rigours of a polar expedition.


What will Felicity be eating?

As Felicity will be dragging all the food she consumes during the expedition, her rations have to be as lightweight as possible while delivering optimum amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrate and calories. Breakfast and dinner are prepared in the tent but lunch is eaten on the go. Rather than a single midday meal, Felicity will constantly graze throughout the day on a bag of snacks kept handy in a pocket.

Fuizion Freeze Dried Food

Fuizion are a revolutionary brand of expedition food because, once rehydrated, the meals look and taste like real food. This is because rather than mix dried ingredients, Fuizion actually cook the meals and then dehydrate them. This makes a critical difference. Felicity can look forward to real, crunchy vegetables in her meals each evening as well as large amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrate to replenish her energy. Yum!

Nutrition Supplements

With a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables in her diet, Felicity will not be getting usual amounts of minerals and vitamins while at the same time pushing her body to the extreme limits of endurance. Therefore, she will be taking a range of BioCare nutritional supplements to keep her healthy.
Every morning she will be taking:

BioCare B Complex
BioCare Optizinc
BioCare Mega EPA
BioCare Glucosamine Hydrochloride
BioCare Antioxident Complex

And every evening she will take:
BioCare Glucosamine Hydrochloride
BioCare Magnesium Malate
BioCare Antioxident Complex


Ironic given the icy landscape, de-hydration is a common problem on polar expeditions. Felicity will be careful to drink at least 4 litres of water a day. To boost her carbohydrate intake she will be adding High5 Energy Source and High5 Extreme to the water she drinks during the day. In the evening she will be mixing High5 Protein Recovery Drink into her hot chocolate to re-energise tired muscles.

Pol Roger

Champagne Pol Roger was founded in 1849 and was famously the favourite of Sir Winston Churchill. Felicity will be celebrating her trans-antarctic crossing with a well-chilled bottle!

AST-UK Biocare Bloc Eyewear Cold Avenger
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