Transantarctic Expedition Weeks 3 – 6

Following two days of rest at the South Pole Station, Felicity continued her journey on the 23rd of December. Christmas Eve brought

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strong winds which she had to battle head-on all day. Although the weather was still changeable on Christmas Day itself, the sunshine lifted her spirits and made the challenge that bit more manageable. Felicity was also able to enjoy a Christmas Day treat of Jellybabies thanks to Birchington Primary School in Kent!Antarctic

Over the following few days, Felicity made great progress and appreciated the warmth that skiing directly towards the sun brought. Towards the end of December, the bad weather caught up with her and the rough ground and massive sastrugi (surface irregularities formed by wind erosion) made for a difficult New Year!

As one can well imagine, the solitude and physical exertion gradually became more of a challenge as Felicity approached her 6th week on the ice, although clear weather and beautiful views of the Thiel Mountains in the distance helped to push her forward.

Over the past number

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of days, Felicity has left the mountain views and

re-entered a vast and empty 360 degree horizon. Keep up the good work!