The Countdown Begins!!

If you have ever packed your bags for a holiday but been left with a vague feeling that you have forgotten something really vital then you might be able to appreciate how I feel right now. All the equipment and the majority of the supplies I will use during the expedition must be packed up and sent to Chile where they will be transported to Antarctica. everything must be packed so that it will survive the journey and nothing must be forgotten. The result is that my life revolves around lists – I have lists of lists – and I check them a hundred times every day, crossing off items as they are safely stowed or circling items that have yet to arrive from suppliers and manufacturers. With just a few weeks to go until my own departure for Chile, I’m pleased to report that the lists do seem to be getting smaller and as my bags get bigger so does my sense of calm. It all feels very real now and

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I can’t wait to be heading South !